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Car Leasing

between 15% and 70%
between 12 and 72 months
Minimum value
5000 EUR (or equivalent)
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Monthly rate: / month
Do you need working capital?
We have a product that helps you develop your business further
You own a vehicle, van or a tractor and you need working capital, BrokerAuto helps you finance it.
You stay with the asset in the company
for the continuation of the activity.
With our help you can get
up to 75% of the value of the good.
- The asset is fully insured at a negotiated quote
- Low financing costs
- Speed in obtaining the necessary funds
- Financing request - standard form (in copy)
- The last 2 balance sheets available with the annexes provided by law and the related synthetic balance sheets (the half-yearly report is assimilated to the notion of balance sheet) (in copy)
- The last synthetic monthly balance, available for the current year (copy)
- Agreement to consult the database of the Credit Risk Center (original)
- Certificate of Registration at the Trade Register (copy)
- The up-to-date Statute and Contract or Articles of Incorporation (copy)
- Decision of the Board of Directors / Decision of the AGM regarding the acquisition of the asset/assets under the leasing system
- Identity card of the legal representative(s) of the company and identity card of the person authorized to sign the leasing contract (if applicable) (copy)

- Financing request - standard form (copy)
- Legal documents of establishment – registration certificate, fiscal code/fiscal registration certificate (copy)
- Authorization to practice the profession (copy)
- The special declaration of realized income, approved by the Financial Administration (for the last 2 years) and declaration regarding the anticipated/estimated income for the current year (copy)
- Register of receipts and payments (optional) (copy)
- Agreement to consult the database of the Credit Risk Center (original)
- Identity card (copy)
We find together the best leasing for the purchase of cars, trucks, vans, tractors or any other vehicles if you meet the conditions below:

- Maximum financing period accepted: age of the asset + requested financing period not to exceed 10 years
- Debts to the state should not be higher than 5% of the TURNOVER, according to the last completed balance sheet compared to the last submitted balance sheet
- In the last 12 months, there must be no major incidents registered in the CIP (central payment incidents) with money order tickets
- The Legal Entity must not be banned from banking
- The Legal Entity must have at least one half-yearly/annual balance sheet submitted with turnover >0; in the case of PFA there must be at least one annual income declaration submitted
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