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Privacy policy



This Privacy Policy ("Policy") includes a description and refers to the personal data collected by web platform


1.            The purpose

Personal data” or ”personal information” are any kind of data element that allows us to identify you as a person. The processing of personal data is governed by Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of personal data ("GDPR") and completed in Romania by Law no. 190/2018.

This document highlights: (a) the personal data that we collect from you, (b) how we intend to use this data and (c) what rights you have in relation to these data and their processing.

2.            Who controls your personal data and how can you contact us?

According to the legislation, our company, CAR AND LEASE BROKER SRL is a personal data operator. For your data to be processed safely, we have made every effort to implement measures reasonable to protect your personal information.

According to the legislation, you, the natural person - representative legal entity of the beneficiary company of our services or the person in any kind of relationship with our company, you are a „concerned person”, an identified natural person or identifiable. To be completely transparent about the processing of data and to allow you to exercise easily, at any time, rights, we have implemented measures to facilitate communication between us, the data operator and you, the data subject.

2.1.        Our contact details

Below you can find our identification data and contact:



Social headquarters

Street: Liveni No: 22, District 4, Bucharest

Number Trade Register


Unique code identification



0743 300 500


[email protected]

To the extent that you have concerns, comments or complaints about us or your personal data that they we are processing, you can always send us an e-mail at the address above.

2.2.        Data of the supervisory authority

If you think there is a problem with data processing personal, we will ask you to first send us a request to the mentioned address previously - we will make every effort to resolve your request as soon as possible shortly, amicably.

You can also file a complaint with the authority of supervision of personal data. For Romania, the contact details you can find them below:


National Supervisory Authority of Personal Data Processing


Blvd. G-ral Gheorghe Magheru no. 28-30, District 1, postal code 010336, Bucharest, Romania


+40.318.059.211 or +40.318.059.212


[email protected]

3.            What information do we collect from you?

We collect the following information from you:

·         Full name;

·         Email Address;

·         Phone number;


4.            How do we collect information?

We collect personal data directly from you, when you fill it out forms from the web platform (contact the seller, order form, buy back form), contract the company's services (purchase, leasing, rent a car, insurance, etc.) or subscribe to our newsletter.

5.            What is the legal basis for processing personal data?

We will use your personal information/data in the following ways based on the following legal grounds:

Personal data


Legal grounds



Complete Name

E-mail Address

Phone Number


Contacting for the transmission of the requested information


Legitimate interest: to answer the questions and messages we receive and to keep records of the correspondence.



Complete Name

E-mail Address

Phone Number

Home address/mail address


Contracting services


Conclusion of a contract: the processing is necessary for the execution of a contract to which the data subjectă is a party or to take steps at the request of the data subject before the conclusion of a contrac


E-mail Address

Subscribe to the newsletter

Consent expressed by checking the box and sending the email address.

6.            If you do not want to provide this information?

You do not have to provide us with your personal data. However, if you choose not to, we will not be able to respond to your requests.

7.            How do we protect this information?

We understand how important the security of personal data is and we take the necessary measures to protect our customers and other people whose data we process from unauthorized access to personal data, as well as from the unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of data that we process in the current activity .

We have implemented the following technical and organizational security measures for personal data:

Data minimization. We ensure that your personal data that we process are limited to only those necessary, appropriate and relevant for the purposes stated in this policy.

Restriction of access to data. We try to restrict as much as possible access to the personal data we process to the minimum necessary: employees, collaborators and other people who need to access this data in order to process it and carry out a service. Our partners and collaborators are subject to strict confidentiality obligations (either statutory or legal).

Specific technical measures. We use technologies that ensure the security of our clients, always trying to implement the most optimal solutions for data protection.

Ensuring the accuracy of your data. Sometimes it is possible to ask you to confirm the accuracy or timeliness of your data to be sure that they reflect reality.

Staff training. We constantly train and test our employees and collaborators regarding the legislation and the best practices in the field of personal data processing.

Anonymization of data. Where we can, we try as much as possible to anonymize/pseudonymize the personal data we collect we process, so that we can no longer identify the persons to whom they refer.

8.            Who do we share personal data with?

Our service providers will have access to your personal information. This is necessary to provide you with the information requested, to conclude the purchase/leasing contract, in order to send the requested newsletter.

Our partners are the following:

-      website maintenance – ARTIA SOFT SOLUTIONS SRL



-      Newsletter – MAILCHIMP


We may have to provide personal data to the following in certain limited circumstances:

·         External consultants (such as lawyers);

·         Public authorities or legal bodies.

At any time we decide to grant access to your personal data to someone else, we will ensure that there are appropriate security methods in place to protect your privacy.

9.            Will personal data be transferred outside the EEA?

Due to the nature of the object of activity, it will not be necessary to transfer personal data outside the EEA. If by way of exception should this happen, we will implement appropriate procedures to ensure data protection, your fundamental rights and freedoms while your personal data is outside the EEA. If you want more information about this, please contact us at the details provided in the Section 2.1 from above.

10.          How long do we store personal data?

The data collected when you request information or want to contact the seller will be kept in the database for 10 years after transmission, then anonymized.


The data collected for the conclusion and execution of the purchase/leasing/rent a car/insurance contracts will be kept for the duration of the contract and then for a period of 10 years, thereafter the data in electronic format from the database will be anonymized, and the contracts in physical form will be destroyed.


The data collected for the newsletter will be stored in the database until you unsubscribe, then deleted/anonymized.


Sometimes we may need to keep a copy of your personal data for a longer period of time, in the event of a dispute for example, to investigate security breaches or to according to legal obligations. We will never store your personal data for longer than necessary.

In all cases, your personal information will be securely destroyed once the storage period described above has expired.

11.          What are your rights?

You have certain rights regarding your personal data that we process, including:

·         the right to be informed about how we collect and use this data (information you can find in this privacy policy);

·         the right to have access to the information we hold about you;

·         the right to correct the data if you consider that they are incorrect/inaccurate/incomplete;

·         the right to ask us to delete the data (only if we rely on your consent for processing);

·         the right to receive a copy for any information we have about you;

·         teh right to oppose processing your personal data for the listed purposes previous. However, you have to consider that it is not an absolute right, but supports certain limitations.

12.          Consent

Where consent is used for data processing, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and ask us to stop processing your data

We will tell you about the implications of this fact and we will follow your options in this regard.

13.          Changes to this information policy

To the extent that we consider that a change to the privacy rules is necessary, we will publish those changes on this page to inform you about the types of information we collect and how we use them.

Policy regarding Cookies files


1. Introduction

This Cookie Policy applies to all users of the website

The following information is intended to inform the users of this website about the placement, use and management of cookies by CAR AND LEASE BROKER SRL, in the context of users' navigation on this website.

2. What are cookies?

We use the term "cookies" to refer to cookie modules and similar technologies through which information can be collected automatically.

An "Internet Cookie" (term also known as "browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie" or "cookie") represents a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipment of a user through which it is accessed internetul.

Cookies are installed by the request issued by a web server to a browser (eg: Edge, Firefox, Chrome). Once installed, the cookies have a specific duration of existence, remaining "passive", in the sense that they do not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and will not access the information on the user's hard drive on whose equipment they were installed.

A cookie consists of two parts:

·         the name of the cookie; and

·         the content or value of the cookie.

From a technical point of view, only the web server that sent the cookie can access it again when a user returns to the web page associated with that web server.

3. For what purposes are cookies used by through this website:

Cookies are used to ensure the operation of the website and to provide users of this website with a better browsing experience and information tailored to the interests of each individual user, namely for:

·         improving the use of this website, for example by remembering the name and e-mail address filled in when you sent a request, so that next time you will find them already filled in;

·         remembering the fact that you have seen the information message regarding cookies and have accepted or not the use of non-functional ones;

4. What is the lifetime of cookies?

The lifetime of cookies can vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. There are the following categories of cookies that also determine their lifespan:

·         Session Cookie – a "session cookie" is a cookie that is automatically deleted when the user closes his browser.

·         Persistent cookies or fixed – a "persistent" or "fixed" cookie is a cookie that remains stored in the user's terminal until it reaches a certain expiration date (which can be in a few minutes, days or months) or until it is deleted by the user at any time through the browser settings.

5. What are cookies placed by third parties?

Certain sections of content on the website may be provided through third parties, and not by CAR AND LEASE BROKER SRL, in which case these cookies are named cookies placed by third parties ("third party cookies").

Third-party providers of cookies must also comply with the rules regarding the protection of personal data.

These cookies may come from the following third parties:

·         Google Analytics: for traffic analysis and obtaining anonymous statistics on how to use the site.

·         Facebook

·         Hotjar

6. What cookies are used through this website:

By using/visiting the website the following cookies can be placed:

a.     Functional cookies: those necessary for the operation of the site.

b.     Non-functional cookies: those that improve the quality of the site, but are not necessary for its proper functioning.

a. Functional cookies

Through this type of cookies, the preferences of the user of this website are stored, so that setting the preferences again in the case of subsequent visits to the website is no longer necessary.

b. Non-functional cookies

These cookies are inserted by the affiliate networks when the traffic is redirected through the respective servers after; a click on an affiliate link from our articles. This one; section is therefore rather; informative;. If; do not delete affiliate cookies, do not click on affiliate links or later use the tools provided by the networks or browser settings to delete them.

Cookies / pixels from third parties used through this website:


Company Name

 Cookie Type

_ga, _gid

Google Analytics,

 Cookies necessary for site analysis, improving experience and content for users


Facebook Pixel

 Cookies necessary to provide you with advertisements suitable for you. They also limit their display  and help us to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

_hjid, _hjIncludedInSample


This cookie is set when the first customer accesses a page; with the Hotjar script. It is used to persist the random, unique user ID for that site in the browser. This ensures; behavior in subsequent visits to the same site will be attributed to the same user ID.


For more details, consult the data protection policies as well as the guidelines for managing user preferences and the deactivation possibilities offered by the companies that manage; these services, after; case.


Google Analytics

Category: Analysis

Purpose: Web analytics




Category: Advertising

Purpose: Remarketing






7. What type of information is stored and accessed through cookies?

Cookies store information in a small text file that allows the browser to be recognized. This website recognizes the browser until the cookies expire or are deleted.

8. Customizing browser settings regarding cookies

If the use of cookies is not bothersome and the computer or technical equipment used to browse this website is used only by you, long expiration periods can be set for storing the browsing history.

If the computer or technical equipment used to browse this website is used by several people, the setting to delete individual browsing data every time the browser is closed can be considered. These settings can be found in your browser.

9. How can cookies be turned off?

Deactivating and refusing to receive cookies can make this website more difficult to visit, entailing limitations of its possibilities of use.

Users can configure their browser to reject cookies or to accept cookies from a specific internet page.

All modern browsers offer the possibility to change cookie settings. These settings can be accessed, as a rule, in the "options" section or in the "preferences" menu of your browser. To understand these settings, the following links may be useful:

·         Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

·         Cookie settings in Firefox

·         Cookie settings in Chrome

·         Cookie settings in Safari

For any additional questions regarding how cookies are used through this website, you can contact us by phone  0743 300 500 or e-mail [email protected].

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